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10 Fun Trivia Questions About Pregnancy & Babies!

Hey everyone! These videos are super fun for us to do because they give us a chance to speak directly to you all through video and give you great information in such a short amount of time!

Today we are having some fun with trivia questions. Check them out and let us know in the comment section if you learned something new through one of these questions!

1. What is placenta encapsulation? You may be wondering how this has to do with birth and the answer is two fold :) After a baby is born there is also the delivery of the placenta which is commonly used as a postpartum natural healing remedy. This is where the placenta is processed from raw form into capsules looking unlike any other herbal supplement you have seen. There are quite a few potential benefits and speaking with a Postpartum Placenta Specialist will help you understand more of the ins and outs of this whole process. To watch another video giving even more detail check out Inside Placenta Encapsulation!

2. What are some early newborn hunger cues?

  • licking or smacking their lips

  • opening or closing their mouth

  • sucking their lips or their tongue

  • turning their head, also known as rooting!

3. What determines the sex of your baby, egg or the sperm? The answer is the sperm! This topic is so interesting because of all the details that go into one microscopic sperm making it to the egg. There is so much to consider, down to the acidity of vaginal discharge! It's pretty cool stuff.

4. Newborns should only receive sponge baths until..... there umbilical cord stump falls off. As with a few things, this recommendation isn't the same as other countries, but that's the going advice in the US!

5. True or False. In utero baby girls develop all of their reproductive eggs. TRUE! Does that not just blow your mind??

6. True or False. During active labor your water is broken. False! Your water can be broken before labor begins or not happen until right before baby is born.

7. What is a thin transparent pair of membranes that holds the fetus until ruptured? This is your amniotic sac. Notice we said "pair of membranes". This is because there are two! The amnion and chorion. I swear, the more you dig into this stuff, the cooler it gets :D

8. What is the average size of the placenta compared to a newborn? 1/6th the size of the baby. Super interesting right?

9. How long is a typical hospital stay after a vaginal delivery? Each situation is different, but given everything is going well and no need for a longer stay, it is typically two days.

10. What is the cheese like, waxy substance covering a newborn at birth? This substance that looks like you could make biscuits out of it is called vernix. It is not on every baby. Some come out slippery fresh and others look like you popped them out of a Pillsbury crescent roll tube. View subject below.

Well that was fun to share with y'all! Stay tuned for our next trivia blog and until then if you have any burning questions, send them over to us at!

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