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The Paradise That is Your First Meal Post Birth

Image: courtneyburtonfitness

"Where are you taking me?!"

"Let’s go!" he said.

I was too entangled in his elevated energy to question much further. Briskly leaving the dance floor I waved goodbye to my friends and any additional memories I would be making at my senior prom. The thump of music from the auditorium quickly faded into silence as we got into his car. My cynical self internally questioned how magnificent Michael’s surprise really was.

Did it warrant such an abrupt halt to the evening?

Were boyfriends always this mysterious?

Being just seventeen, I didn’t have much experience to glean from when it came to dating, so there was little to compare him to.

Arriving at his house, the anticipation growing wild inside me, I looked over at him and saw the glimmer in his eyes. The silence buzzed in my ears as he turned the car engine off.

Stepping onto his driveway, I collected myself and breathed in the crisp air as it moved across my backless dress. Careful not to slip in my black heels, we headed up the staircase to the front of his house.

The flicker of the lights matched the twinkle in my stomach.

There was a dazzling glow as we got closer and then I saw it. Under the illuminating archway he built, there was a romantically dressed table, adoring all of my favorite foods. I turned to him, my smile lengthening. My face he could see, the hope I felt, he could not.

He escorted me to my seat behind an array of flowers, and to my knowledge, a proper place setting! In between me catching his smiles each time I glanced at him, I looked around to see the mouth watering spread before me.

French toast slathered in melted butter.

Chicken stir fry sizzling in just the right amount of juice.

More chicken marinating in the creamiest of Alfredo sauces.

I was in heaven!

I didn’t think it could get much better...until I saw the dessert. Ice cream and chocolate?! I previously thought my evening had ended hastily, but I was clearly staring right into the beginning.

After having five babies with this thoughtful man and really understanding the perfection of that first meal; after you've grunted, sweated, pushed or held tight to the roller coaster of birth, the memory of our unforgettable prom dinner comes in a close second. Yeah I said it, second!

Through childbirth (and surprise dates!) there can be confusion, the unknown, fear, excitement, and anticipation. And there’s little to compare to that victory meal after that long awaited first meeting with your baby.

As you break your gaze that held tight to their squinted eyes, coming back down into the room, into your body; the hunger sets in.

The moment in which you are able to sink your teeth into that burger that had you instantaneously drooling at the thought or devouring the long awaited sushi, is here. With a labor doula by your side, and you focusing your attention on both your baby and your meal, you are set up for a next level experience!


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