"To put into words how coordinated, how caring, and how understanding these ladies are is impossible. My wife and I reached out to WCD and they made sure our birth plan was executed flawlessly. Whitney and her team made sure we always had open lines of communication to answer any questions and to quell any concerns. And on the day of the birth, Whitney was there every step of the way doing everything from keeping our parents updated in the lobby to rubbing my wife's back as she pushed through labor. I would recommend Wilmington Coastal Doulas to anyone having a baby."


"My daughter and I are doing great! I can't express how thankful I am that her delivery went just as I wanted it to and that's in large part because of the amazing support my labor doula offered throughout the process. 

Thank you so much."


"As a first time mom, my postpartum doula helped normalize some of the situations we went through! She was extremely helpful during my transition in becoming a new mother.She was truly amazing and an asset to our family!" 


"At the end of the day there are a lot of unknown things about having a baby whether its your first or third, it is not really something that you can ever be completely prepared for

because no two pregnancies and births are the same. But having our Doulas has made us feel that we are as prepared as we can be for this new chapter of our lives. I can not recommend

this service enough to parents to be, as Whitney and Hali have been completely supportive, non

judgmental and open minded about every decision we have made for our process!"



peaceful postpartum transition

"Thank you Wilmington Coastal Doulas!


Our doula was amazing and we couldn't have done it without her! I wish I hired you all for my second birth.


I am grateful to have had an unmedicated birth. It is amazing how much more myself I am and how better I feel just a few days after birth. Thank you all so very much!!"



"First off I can't say thank you enough to WCD. Without Taryn in the room we still might be pushing till this day. She helped to set my mind at ease and when I needed things, she helped me. Taryn was the only support in the room for me. The nurses and doctors don't focus on the father as much so we are left to sit and wonder if what we are doing is the right thing.  Our doula, Taryn, helped with giving counter pressure when my hands hurt and allowing for me to not feel bad when I had to leave the room to take a bathroom break. If we were to have another child in this city I would I personally request Taryn to be there because it is well worth it. Thank you.


"My doula came by one night prior to my overnight, just to meet with me, talk and answer any questions. That was VERY nice. Deb seemed to genuinely love my babies. In fact, one night it had been a while since she had seen them and she said that she had missed them. I believed that. She is a very genuine and loving person as well...and calm-that must be a prerequisite for being a doula. I had no idea what to expect, but had no idea the experience would be life changing."


"Amazing experience! WCD are just what you need them to be, whatever that may be.

Deb has been so helpful to me and my husband with our first child and I'm not sure how we would have managed without her knowledge, expertise and understanding."


"I decided I wanted a doula, because I wanted to have a natural birth that was as comfortable and smooth as possible. I liked the way WCD had the pre-meeting to discuss wants and needs. They were informative and helped us plan ahead. Taryn was fantastic! She was able to guide my husband through the delivery so he could best support me. Without her my husband wouldn't have known how to give me counter pressure (which we did the majority of the time). Taryn also provided emotional support. She was very encouraging during contractions and supportive in every way possible. There is no way that I would have followed the natural birth plan with out her. I am in no hurry to have baby number two, but when we do I'll be calling you guys!" 


peaceful postpartum parenting transition