Our Classes

Education is one of the key components to any life changing event you plan for and we believe our classes exceed in providing you with a foundation of what you need for birthing and caring for your baby!


Childbirth Education

Our comprehensive, uncensored classes cover the very thing you are looking for, preparing for the birth of your baby! Explore how your partner or support person can become a pro using non medical pain relief options and the many ways to support you when using medical pain relief options. You will leave this class with more peace about your upcoming birth as you wait to meet your baby!


Newborn Care 

Throughout our newborn care class you will learn many essential ways to care for your baby and become a baby whisperer yourself! Allow us to give you loads of information included but not limited to laying healthy and wonderful sleep foundations for your baby, how to quickly soothe them, what baby items we recommend  to keep on hand and give you all the tips and resources on feeding your newborn.

In the privacy and comfort of your own home, virtually or in a group setting, you will be provided with engaging, uncensored, unbiased and evidence based information on pregnancy, labor and birth!



WCD's qualified educators are knowledgeable professionals, aware that all families are unique and teach to your specific desires. You will be amazed how informed and ready you feel for your big day as you finish up your class with a new, prepared excitement for birth and parenthood!