Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Imagine you have just given birth and you are now headed home with this positively perfect newborn baby in tow. You might be nervous, you're definitely tired and you have so many questions, your questions have questions! Caring for a baby is one of the most wonderfully challenging times of our lives' and yet we are reminded there isn't a manual for parents. But what if there was?

That's where your WCD Postpartum & Infant Care Doula comes in the picture!

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Experts in newborn and new parent care

Having a professional whose focus is on supporting you through your recovery after birth and helping you navigate your newborn baby's adjustment to life outside your womb is that manual we've all joked about. Respectful of all parenting philosophies and trained to assist exactly where needed, you will have a solid foundation to start!

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Whether you choose overnight, daytime, short term or extended live-in care, we give you a customized postpartum experience.

Allow us to create a peaceful environment where you can explore your new baby and your parenting desires. Make life easier on yourself and get the much needed rest that will benefit you as you recover from giving birth to your newest addition. 

Daytime Support

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We understand that it's difficult to know what you will need while you recover from birth and care for your baby. Anticipating needs and helping you navigate your experience is our expertise.



We're flexible and available for as little as 4 hours a day.

With your WCD doula in your home you will have emotional, feeding, sleeping, organizational and all around parenting philosophy experts at your fingertips!

For support specifically related to feeding your baby, visit our Infant Feeding Services information.

Overnight Support

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Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas providing overnight support are often confused with night nannies or baby nurses. The idea of helping you maximize your rest is similar, but the difference with your doula from WCD is her focus is on your whole family's transition with your baby. Her priority is nonjudgmental support.

With expert guidance on newborn care, your overnight support starts at 8 hours.

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newborn care and postpartum support wilmington north carolina
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With Wilmington Coastal Doulas, you can bring baby home confidently, knowing you have solid expert care by your side.