Labor Doulas 

Congratulations on your pregnancy and your decision to reach out for professional support! Having the right people by your side as you bring your baby into the world can make all the difference and at Wilmington Coastal Doulas you will be surrounded by experienced, relatable and dedicated doulas.


"I cannot recommend this service enough to parents to be!" -A

When you hire your doula team from WCD you will be receiving two certified, committed and unbiased doulas to assist you throughout your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum. 

Before your birth you will meet your doula team to discuss your birth options and wishes, all while your doulas learn how to best support you before your big day!

Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy, with your doulas being on call for you immediately, provides you with 24 hour support.


Your doulas will support you in three equally beneficial ways. Through our on call schedule you will have one doula from your team physically present with you during your labor until shortly after your baby has arrived. She is available to help you navigate decisions you might need to make by providing you with education where you want it. Lastly, through the many emotions that accompany giving birth, your doula is always available to be a nonjudgmental sounding board.


Envision being nurtured and cared for throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and your entire birthing process by an experienced professional.

The doulas of Wilmington Coastal Doulas have the insight and compassion necessary to support you with the unbiased physical support, emotional understanding and evidence based knowledge of all things birth. 


Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation with one of WCD's owners to explore our services and match you with your doula team!