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Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to WCDoulas!

Expectant parents often find themselves bombarded by unsolicited advice. Friends, family, even strangers on the street...Though most may be well-intended, these comments can leave you questioning your natural instincts and well-thought-out plans.

To this we say, when was the last time someone asked you what you want?

At WC Doulas, we open the door to thought-provoking conversations about what it means to give birth and care for your infant.  Additionally, we provide you with the tangible tools to step into the confident and empowered badass that we know you are!

Together we will create an unbreakable ally ship in a trusting, comforting, and respectful environment, where you can peacefully explore your new baby and melt into parenthood, rather than having a total meltdown.

We are your human diary who will offer words of encouragement in response to your deepest thoughts. Rather than sheets of paper that simply hold words, we are a warm sounding board for those unbelievable vulnerable moments. 

  • A guide to lift you up when your hormones feel crushing. 

  • A compassionate vessel to pour your emotions into when overwhelmed. 

  • A shoulder to cry on when you're at the mercy of your feelings. 

  • A hand to high-five after victories, both big and small. 

Through the years of experience with a broad range of families, we know that no two experiences are the same when it comes to bringing your baby into this world.


Your pregnancy and your birth are each an experience that is completely unique to you, never defined by others. 

WC Doulas is comprised of a carefully curated team of exceptional doulas who have the intuition, wisdom, and awareness to deliver an elite level of unwavering birth and parenting support. 

We have been providing top-notch, professional doula services to families in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas in the southeast for nearly 10 years. With a doula from WC Doulas by your side, you will have the expertise of a professional with you every step of the way. 




"There are a lot of unknown things about having a baby whether it's your first or third, it is not really something that you can ever be completely prepared for. But having our doulas has made us feel that we are as prepared as we can be for this new chapter in our lives. I cannot recommend this service enough as WCDoulas has been completely supportive, nonjudgmental and open minded about every decision we have made for our process!


Listen to this family's experience with their Postpartum Doula!

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