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Client Testimonial

"From my first phone inquiry, I knew that Wilmington Coastal Doulas was the perfect fit for us in our search for a doula. They exceeded my expectations in every way- from their caring attitudes to their knowledge and professionalism. If you are considering doula services, look no further because you will find so much love and care from these wonderful ladies who are truly passionate about supporting families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum!" ~Meg

Imagine, for a moment, you have just given birth and you are now headed home, with this positively perfect newborn baby in tow. You might be nervous, you're definitely tired and you have so many questions, your questions have questions! Bringing home a baby is one of the most wonderfully challenging times of our lives', and yet we are reminded there isn't that baby manual we all dream of. But what if there was?


Enter your Postpartum Doula!

Having a professional whose focus is on supporting you through your recovery after birth and helping you navigate your newborn baby's adjustment to life outside the womb is that manual we've all joked about. Respectful of all parenting philosophies and trained to assist exactly where needed, you will have a solid foundation to start your new life as parents!

There are few life events that are as impactful as the day you give birth to your baby. The feelings you will have and the physically demanding work you will put into bringing him or her into your arms will be relived in your mind more than a thousand times. During this wonderful occasion comes a variety of emotions that can be difficult to navigate, but with Wilmington Coastal Doulas labor doulas you will be surrounded by unparalleled support.

Your doula will be with you physically throughout your labor and delivery, using comfort techniques to help reduce discomfort, guiding you through positions and helping you find what works best for you. Your doula's knowledge base will help you and your partner know what is happening throughout the stages and phases of labor, what's considered normal and ultimately reducing the fear of the unknown!


There's an unfortunate and flawed message parents are being mislead with at even the first announcement of pregnancy and that is, "you can forget about sleeping after your baby is born!" This statement is followed with how long so and so's baby went without sleeping through the night, 8 months, a year, 2 years. The length varies and so do the reasons, but parents are still left with accepting the same fate.


We are here to tell you, sleep deprivation is not a rite of passage and does not have to be accepted as the norm because "babies just don't sleep". This statement doesn't serve you or them. In fact, babies routinely need more sleep than they are typically getting! If you feel desperate for restorative sleep, we can guarantee your baby shares your feelings. Wilmington Coastal Doulas is here to give you hope.

Prenatal Classes

People have been having babies for years, so why do we need a childbirth or newborn care class? Knowledge is power and if you’ve never had a baby, you may not even know what you don’t know! Our classes are designed to give you the details, choices and evidence that will help you plan your best birth and have a smooth transition once you bring your baby home!


Wilmington Coastal Doulas understands that you may not have time to attend classes that last weeks and that you need flexibility, so we cater to your busy schedule. Check out our customized classes for childbirth education, newborn care, and one specifically designed for soon-to-be or new grandparents!


Post pregnancy recovery is not as easy as it looks. Between the exhaustion and the imbalance of hormones we’re experiencing, a little natural boost would be awesome, right? Women today are focusing on, not only a positive birth experience, but especially a positive postpartum experience and recovery.


There is anecdotal evidence shared by thousands of women's experiences from consuming their encapsulated placenta that includes increased breastmilk supply, quicker postpartum recovery, less bleeding (lochia) after birth and more balance in their hormones. Find out what you can expect with this service and how it will benefit you!

We believe there is not one definite way to feed your baby and that the unique choice in how you decide to, can be different for each family. Becoming parents comes with a lot of questions and with all of the options and advice surrounding you, it can be difficult to determine how you want to feed your baby, how to work through any unexpected change in your plans and simply navigating all that comes with feeding your baby.


Whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, exclusively pumping, or combination feeding, our Infant Feeding Specialists will help you navigate your options, without any judgment or agenda. Once you decide what's best for you and your baby, we assist you as you put your plan into action.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

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