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Postpartum Affirmations {FREE Printable}

Your life is now transitioning with a new little person in it and this can be a lot to navigate!

As new parents there is a lot to keep up with. From breast or bottle feeding to baby soothing and lack of sleep, we can easily start to second guess ourselves.

During our first few weeks postpartum, we are running on just a few hours of sleep at a time and exploring new territory with our new, teeny babies.

There are so many questions that may run through your mind during this time regarding taking care of your newborn.

Is my baby getting enough to eat?

Is swaddling safe?

Is she spitting up too much?

Is she sleeping too much/ not enough?

That list could go on with questions!

There is an emotional side to your postpartum experience due to hormone changes from birthing the placenta, the overwhelming feelings of love for our babies and again...significantly less sleep.

In thinking about where you are at or where you are about to be, we want to share this printable with you to help keep your mind and spirit in a present and real place, and hopefully ward off self doubt!

Because YOU are the perfect mother for your baby!

postpartum support in wilmington north carolina

For further support from professional, down to earth people, who recognize the vulnerable season of life you are in, give us a call or shoot an email with any questions regarding your postpartum transition.

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