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Labor And Birth Support In Wilmington North Carolina!

Having a baby requires decision making, tenacity and of course, support.

When you add a Wilmington Coastal Doulas labor doula to your birth team, you’ll be ready for just about anything.

Our physical, educational and emotional support, coupled with your medical provider’s exceptional care, helps you create the opportunity to have the birth you’ve always imagined.

Our doulas work in teams of two, sharing a call schedule so that you’ll always have a well rested totally capable doula that you know well, when the big day comes.

Never be concerned that you’ll end up with an unfamiliar ‘back up doula’ with us!

Take comfort in your doulas ability to help you understand the normal signs of all phases of your labor and know that she will encourage you to contact your provider if things seem outside of normal before you get to the hospital.

Get in touch with your doulas whenever you need them; they’ll be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week immediately upon engaging their support. Through your initial meeting and prenatally, you will meet with your team of doulas in order to build a comfort level and define your wishes regarding your birth and parenting.

Our doulas are eager to help make the transition to becoming a parent as painless and comforting as possible.

When your labor begins, you will easily contact your on-call doula! She will be excited to get your call. She will help you know when to call your doctor, when to go to the hospital and how to manage the discomforts of labor. Additionally, she is a shoulder to cry on, a smile or nod that indicates everything is ok and a wealth of information on all things labor and birth.

Your doula will help get you settled after you meet your baby and will even meet with you afterwards in your home to answer questions and provide a bit of post birth support.

Wilmington Coastal Doulas, the care the makes the difference!

Check out the amazing birth photographer, Leanne Haskins!

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