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Positive Pregnancy Test, What Next?!

Doulas across the world participate in the thought provoking challenges from our organization leaders over at ProDoula. We love to get in on the fun and are always up for a challenge. This week we were prompted to write a poem encompassing doula support. Here's Whitney taking a stab at some poetry lol!

The Beginning of Life Between a Husband and Wife

You look at the clock and three minutes have passed.

Your heart skips a beat and starts racing real fast.

From the moment you're certain there's not one line, but two, you think of your husband, what will he say? What will he do? You package your test and put it away, excited for everyone to know about this day. It's 6pm and he walks through the door,

you greet him with love, he expects nothing more. When he sees your face and how it lights up the room you tell him there's life that grows in your womb. He kisses you softly, he matches your joy and with tears in his eyes, he hopes for a boy. With questions in mind and wanting the best what's the next step after the positive pregnancy test?!? This journey is new for the parents to be.

The experience is paramount for this family of three.

So, the time has come, a professional they call.

They look for someone who will assist them all.

They pick up the phone and press 7 zero 7, 4 5 zero 7,

"The owner just answered! We meet tomorrow at 11!"

For exceptional support to help get them through,

Wilmington Coastal Doulas knows just what to do!


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