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Private Childbirth Classes in Wilmington NC!

Giving birth is an experience unlike any other, and preparation can help you and your partner feel confident as you head into this once in a lifetime event.

Our childbirth education classes are geared toward busy couples looking to maximize their time while also becoming educated on all things related to childbirth. This is a chance to spend quality time connecting with your partner as you learn and grow together.

At Wilmington Coastal Doulas, we are committed to offering thorough childbirth education, options that work for your busy family. We value your time as much as you do, as reflected in the curriculum which we have condensed into a private, two-part series.

The classes are the perfect balance of fun and facts.

  • Get to know yourself and your partner better

  • Get a sense of the kind of birth you hope to have

  • Learn about the physiological aspects of childbirth

  • Feel confident in your understanding of common medical interventions

  • Work with your partner on comfort techniques that can make labor more manageable

  • Get better at communicating with your partner about your needs

  • Really learn how to connect and communicate with the doctors, midwives, and nurses that may be a part of your medical care team

Many hospitals offer group childbirth education classes, and some of our students choose to attend a class where they plan to give birth. Our private class is excellent as a standalone or as a compliment to your hospital class. In our classes, you will benefit from personal attention and a customized approach to your needs and desires.

After taking a class with Wilmington Coastal Doulas, our hope is you will feel prepared to face whatever your unique childbirth experience may bring your way.

Reach out to schedule your class with one of our experienced educators pictured below!

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