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What Do You Make With Thanksgiving Leftovers? {Settler's Sushi!}

I don't know how you all prepare Thanksgiving dinner, but every year we seem to have an abundance of leftovers. Sure you can make the turkey sandwich every Friday afternoon and choose from one of the many sides to accompany your Butterball between bread. But, what if we get bored with the slabs of turkey laid over the thin layer of mayonnaise? That can't just be me...right?

Now, I'm not complaining. Having enough food to consume daily is a blessing, let alone...a plethora of containers sealed with the very decadent dishes we indulged in just hours ago.

But for the sake of our taste buds...and this same regimen that takes place every November with friends and family, having some options for the days following will keep us relaxing through the weekend with these 5 simple ideas for Thanksgiving food leftover meals.

#1. Chocolate Sweet Potato Pancakes

Friday morning you hear "What's for breakfast?" With this simple idea you can make them these delicious pancakes.

  • Add some coconut cream or milk to your sweet potatoes to fluff them up

  • Mix in some chocolate chips

  • Drop your 'pancake batter' on your skillet into any shape you can create

  • Flip your cake to the next side when ready

  • Serve with a couple more chocolate chips or marshmallows while hot!

#2. Holiday Hash

That last dish was rich and sweet. If you are in the mood for something more savory, try this perfectly named breakfast.

  • ​Add about a TBS of olive oil to a skillet

  • Throw in a bag of frozen hash browns, cook them for a couple of minutes until finished

  • Chop up some turkey and add it to the hash browns

  • Get a beautiful blend of your leftover veggies and add them to your hash

  • Stir it around a little, soaking in the oil adding some garlic powder if you'd like

#3. The Cranberry Club

Before you know it, it's time to feed everyone again for lunch so here's an upgrade of the boring "Day after Thanksgiving turkey sandwich."

  • Turn skillet on medium heat

  • Apply mayonnaise to each slice of bread

  • Place turkey, avocado, swish cheese and lettuce onto each bread

  • Spread cranberry sauce onto an extra slice of bread

  • Put cranberry sauced bread on to one half of your sandwich, sauce down

  • Spread cranberry sauce onto the other side of the bread

  • Add the other half of your sandwich to complete it

  • Finally spray your skillet and toast your beautifully built club

#4. Settlers Sushi

Dinner time! Now you could serve turkey and veggies and call it a day or you could use this idea that is a must try! Below are the steps to make your very own.

  • Make your sushi rice if you want to use it

  • Lay your Nori sheet down on your rice

  • Add a thin layer of stuffing to your Nori sheet

  • Slice your turkey into thin strips

  • Add your strips of turkey

  • Place some candied yams on top of your turkey slices

  • Roll the Nori sheet with rice and then cut into bite sizes

  • Arrange on your plate and top with cranberry sauce

#5. Mayflower Milkshake

The last idea that we are sharing tonight is neither breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's dessert! So after your relaxing day that wasn't consumed with cooking you can finish off your evening with a movie and this treat!

  • Simply drop 3 cups of your favorite vanilla ice cream into your blender

  • Add 1 cup of any milk you'd like; coconut, almond, goat or cow

  • Spoon 1/2 a cup of cranberry sauce into the creamy goodness and blend

  • Pour desired amount into dish of your choice and top with whipped cream

Yum! and Easy. Easy and Yum...what could be better?

Did you or someone you know have a baby this season? These meals are great for postpartum moms too! This is only a small taste of what the postpartum doulas at Wilmington Coastal Doulas do for their clients as they help them transition home with their baby now living on the outside with them!

If you try any of these delicious treats, add a comment below and tell us what you think!

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