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Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom { Top 20 Items!}

Planning for you and your baby's birth day can be a bit overwhelming when there are so many things to think about and consider.

One of the most popular questions we receive as doulas is "What do I bring to the hospital?"

There are quite a few items that you can pack to help your stay be more comfortable and feel more personal. We have put together a list of "essentials" to help you feel even more prepared for the big day!

1. Your pillow.

Deciding to bring your own pillow will mean the difference between laying your head on sterile plastic or sinking in to the comfort of the cloud you visit every night.

2. Nursing tank.

If you plan to breastfeed, having clothes on that make it easier to gain access to your milk will eliminate a hassle while still allowing you to be comfortable around visitors.

3. Make-up (at least mascara!)

Is make-up really necessary after you have just given birth? No, but does freshening up and feeling like yourself make all the difference in the world? Yes!

4. A robe.

What would make snuggling up with your newborn that much better? A Stella McCartney silk robe of course!

5. Slippers.

Walking around on hospital floors + bare feet. Slippers are a comfy must.

6. Nursing pads.

Mature milk typically "comes in" between days 2 and 5. Having a couple pairs of pads in your bag is good preparation even if it's just on your ride home.

7. Pajamas!

Enough said.

8. Your favorite weekender.

There's a bag for all occasions and this visit to the hospital calls for that weekender that you have so many memories using.

9. Phone.

Your phone has so many possibilities that can enhance your birthing experience. Create for yourself your own folder on the home screen. You can include apps like a contraction timer (ibirth is one we recommend!) list of loved ones to share the big news with, your camera, instagram or facebook for when you are ready to share with the rest of your world, and many more possibilities!

10. Camera.

Have a camera ready for anyone on your support team to pick up and grab those shots that you and your family may not be thinking to get while you are busy loving on your newborn.

11. Comfy outfit.

Pick your clothes that you want to wear when discharged from the hospital. Feeling the sunshine after a couple days recovering in a room feels that much better with a comfortable outfit to travel home in.

12. Nursing bra.

Our undergarments make a difference in our day! Grabbing one of Rosie Pope's wireless nursing bra's can provide support while feeling good on the skin.

13. Hair ties.

No one likes to be working hard with their hair in their face! Bring a few in case one breaks, have them handy and your labor doula will be more than happy to help you keep your hair back.

14. Toiletries.

We are all about preparation for comfort. That certainly includes our preferred toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner.

15. Music.

Think about how music can affect your mood. Being in labor is no different. Now the music you pick might be! Put together a playlist that helps you relax or motivates you. Music composed specifically for labor is a great option too. Consider the Rhythm Within.

16. Battery operated candles.

Dim lighting increases relaxation and focus. Setting a mood you love in your hospital room will help create a calm atmosphere.

17. Blow dryer and round brush.

Again..think refreshed! Maybe someone in your room could give you a good blow out as part of your pampering.

18. Flip flops.

To decrease any risk while in the hospital, pack yourself a pair of flip flops to wear in the shower. You'll thank us later.

19. Socks.

At NHRMC you have access to your own personal thermostat. Having a pair of socks allows you to keep your toes warm while you cool down the rest of the room.

20. Lip balm.

One of the smallest items in your bag, but one of the most important. Throughout labor you will be focusing on your breathing and that will inevitably cause some dry lips. Between sips of water and your lip balm you may eliminate dryness as a distraction.

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