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Hospital Packing List For Dad

Our last post was all about things for Mom to take to the hospital when it’s baby time, but this one is written for all you dads out there, or any birth partner!

Here are the top 13 things that you will need to be sure and pack in your own hospital bag:

13. Change of Clothes

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it can easily be forgotten in the excitement of everything! You will want to bring a change of clothes and fresh underwear for spending the night at the hospital and for the next day. They should be comfy clothes that you can move freely in.

12. Sweatshirt

Laboring women tend to get hot! She may want the temperature bumped down to what you would consider freezing level. In this case, a sweatshirt becomes so very valuable in the chilly hospital!

11. Swim Trunks/Flip Flops

Laboring in the tub is an option at NHRMC and can provide a lot of comfort during contractions. Even if she is uncertain about it now, she may want you to join her in the tub. Swim trunks would prove to be much more comfortable as opposed to regular shorts. Often times the shower is utilized during active labor and this is where both swim trunks AND flip flops will come in handy.

10. Comfy Shoes

You might be surprised at how often you find yourself on your feet. Grab your favorite comfy shoes and have those ready to put on.

9. Deodorant

Need we even write a caption for this one? ;)

8. Pillow & Blanket

There is just something about bringing your own pillow and blanket to the hospital with you. It provides physical and really some sort of emotional comfort. If not for you then it certainly could for her. Anything that can make your hospital room seem more like home and your stay more comfy is a win!

7. Ibuprofen

When you provide physical support to your wife (or heck, even standing for hours), your muscles can become sore. Anywhere from hip squeezes to staying in any given position for too long can cause an ache the next day. We must take care of our own bodies to be the best supporter that we can be. The last thing you want is to be hurting when loving on your new baby!

6. Toothpaste/Toothbrush

Stinky breath + a laboring woman= no good. Labor calls for close quarters and we don’t want to be distracting due to stinky breath. Plus, you will be staying over night so having it on hand for the next day is a necessity.

5. Gum

In addition to freshening breath, gum can fight nausea, combat stress or even improve wakefulness! Being in the room when a baby is born you are likely to experience one of these feelings.

4. Snacks

Often times labor can be long and demanding. It’s important to remain fueled to be the very best supporter possible. We always recommend something that can be eaten discreetly, quickly, and with minimal smell.

3. Phone Charger

You’re going to want a fully charged phone for calls, receiving texts, playing music, and of course for the CAMERA when baby is born!

2. Your Doula

Well, no dad has ever complained that they had a professional birth worker present with them the entire time. When a labor doula is present she helps take LOADS of pressure off you and teaches you how to best support your partner phenomenally. You can't lose.

1. A Calm, Positive Attitude!

Dads, your partners will need your calm, reassuring, positive attitude now more than ever. This is such an exciting time and she will be relying on you more than you know. Also, our emotions feed off of those that we love and the way they respond to certain situations. Your calm, loving reactions and constant support will play a huge role in helping her feel empowered when bringing your baby into this world!

If you have any questions about what you can expect when arriving to the hospital to what their usual routines are, give us a call at 910.707.4507 and one of our doulas will be more than happy to get you feeling prepared and confident!

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