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A Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

It's that time of year again, Mother's Day!

This is the one day each year that partners are reminded to tell the mother of their children 'thank you' for the endless amount of things they do.

You know it is endless right?

Of course you did!

In a recent Fox Business survey, 7,000 people were interviewed about Mother's Day and what gifts they planned to give. The projection of spending for gifts this year was an average of $172.22 per person. A total of $21.4 billion in spending!

The gifts varied from jewelry, flowers, gift cards, dinner, and greeting cards.The biggest chunk of the billions being spent, was on jewelry.

Clearly jewelry is the most popular gift to give on Mother's Day.

But, what if you had something different for your oh so deserving partner? Something so unique to her, where you supplied it and she defined it.

Something so practical and helpful to your family that she won't be the only one filled with excitement and appreciation.

A gift that will give her THE experience and fill her with gratitude.

For you.

If you could provide a day for her filled with peace and encouragement, a day for her to be nurtured, would you?

I thought you would!

Here it is, the perfect Mother's Day gift to date. A postpartum doula for the day.

Hours of uninterrupted time to herself, to refuel and refocus.

Guilt free.

While she spends this time taking care of herself she won't have to worry about anything because we will take care of the rest:

  • feed/snuggle baby

  • help implement systems to make life simpler

  • meal planning

  • meal prepping

  • sort through information overload

  • navigate breastfeeding/bottle feeding

  • work through sleep scheduling

  • care for older siblings

  • light chores around the house

Call 910-707-4507 or email to book your 'Doula for a Day'!

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