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How To Relieve Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

It is not uncommon for women to suffer from extremely uncomfortable pressure in their vulva's during pregnancy. That's pretty straight forward, I know. But, the truth is, we can be hesitant to mention the discomfort.

During pregnancy there is a significant increase of blood flow in our bodies and that blood needs to circulate. So, what happens if circulation is restricted, even slightly?

We can end up with a swollen ache between our legs.

The ache that is isolated to one area can make standing unbearable at times. Here are some tips to help ease the pain.

1. Frozen postpartum pads- There are a variety of ways to make these, but either way they are very soothing when you are throbbing!

2. Maternity Belt- It greatly resembles a jock strap, but hey, if it works right?! You can purchase one and find other options for vaginal support here!

3. Kegel exercises- This is an exercise that is beneficial for a few things, but for this purpose it helps increase the much needed circulation down below. Follow the link to a local resource for strengthening your pelvic floor.

4. Sit on an exercise ball- Sitting on an exercise ball gives you the support your pelvic floor needs while relieving pressure. A ball has become an extra seat in our home!

5. Sexual intercourse- The increased blood volume in the vagina during pregnancy can have negative side effects, but also some positive ones too. Sex drive can be increased and pressure relieved at the same time. This is usually a safe activity during pregnancy, but consult your care provider if you are unsure.

6. Essential oil blend- Lavender is an option that can be mixed with witch hazel and put into a spray bottle, beneficial for soothing and can reduce swelling.

7. Old fashioned ice pack- Self explanatory, sit on an ice pack for 10 minute increments!

8. Avoid tight clothes- Even the slightest restriction under my growing belly can increase the amount of unpleasant pressure quickly.

9. Light exercise- Some light exercises and stretching will help encourage blood flow and hopefully decrease some of the discomfort for you. Prenatal yoga is a great option. Follow the link for our recommended studio!

Here are just a few tips. I hope you find a few of these helpful! If you have more to add, comment & share with us below!

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