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Badass Birth Affirmations

Birth is unpredictable. The only person in control of your labor and delivery is your baby, who has yet to even see the outside world!

  • Your OBGYN is not in control of the outcome

  • Your Midwife is not in control of the outcome

  • Your Doula is not in control of the outcome

  • You are not in control of the outcome

We know with birth comes some amount of discomfort, unexpected situations and new territories. This can be scary and rightfully so! I'm not saying that birth is something that you should be afraid of, but I am saying that if you are, that's okay and not uncommon!

Meditating on positive and encouraging phrases that resonate with you have the power to change any experience. These words aren't a guarantee to change an outcome, but finding that phrase that speaks to you, will have influence on how you feel about it.

Knowing that you aren't alone during a physically and emotionally demanding time provides you with the space you need to feel safe and supported. This is why we have created a list of the Top 10 Birth Affirmations.

Save the picture, print and bring to the hospital!

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