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Top {5 Tips} For Baby's First Bath at Home

It's not surprising when we work with postpartum families that may be nervous to give their newborn baby their first bath at home. After all, you have a nurse available to help get your baby cleaned up while you are in the hospital recovering.

Babies are tiny! The fragility of them can be nerve wracking to new parents. Add in some crying because the air that hits their tush is cold and you can get flustered pretty quick!

After their umbilical cord stump falls off, around 7-10 days, they are ready to skip the sponge bath and move on to sitting in some warm water. Feeling excited and nervous about this event is completely normal.

If you get yourself set up with these 5 tips, you will feel more at ease with some preparation!

1. Have all your supplies ready. First things first! If you are using body wash set it aside along with your sponge and towel. Keep it all in arms reach so you can easily grab it.

2. Grab a partner for extra hands. And encouragement! It never hurts to have someone helping you physically and emotionally. These extra hands can make the experience much more smooth.

3. Pick a time when you and your baby are both relaxed. When introducing them to their first bath, an hour after their bottle or nursing may be a great time. They do tend to get sleepy after eating, but trying to bathe a hungry baby can leave everyone with a stressful experience.

4. Have the room and water at a comfortable temperature for your baby. Wherever you decide to bathe your baby, whether that be in the bath tub, kitchen sink, or with you, make sure it's somewhat toasty for your baby as they aren't able to regulate their body temperature like we are.

5. Get a good grip! Imagine holding onto a 7-9 pound piece of wriggly soap. A wriggly piece of soap that you love and want to keep safe! An effective way to keep a good grip is to put the palm of your hand on their chest and your fingers under their armpits. This will stabilize them when leaning forward to wash their back and little booty.

Wash 'em up, rinse 'em off and grab the towel. You did it!

If your baby is really not having it and absolutely hates it, go ahead and get him out for a good snuggle. You can try again the next day or when you are feeling ready to. For any parenting or pregnancy related questions, feel free to contact us at

Enjoy your new squish and let us know how their bath went by sharing your experience in the comments section!

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