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Maternity Boudoir, Would You or Wouldn't You?

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Just two weeks before our baby girl was born, in the midst of all the Christmas vacations, shopping and planning, my good friend Dana and I stole a Saturday morning for this very special maternity photo shoot. A boudoir maternity shoot.

I spent half the day being pampered with fancy hair, make up and super fun outfits to dress my beautiful {although it felt enormous} belly that cradled our sweet Ada Walker.

Dana is an extremely talented photographer helping women feel sexy, beautiful, pampered and loved on all over Wilmington, North Carolina. This wasn't the first time she has blessed me with preserving some of my life's most memorable moments and it won't be the last because her work is perfection!

The morning of the photo shoot I showed up to her home as blank as a canvas can get!

I had some messy half bun look going on, chuck's untied {because bending over}, not a touch of make up and I had thrown on a dress that probably looked more like a nightgown at this point.

If you've been pregnant, you know there are aspects to pregnancy that aren't so glamorous and probably have you feeling anything but sexy.

You know, the fun stuff like:

  • a weaker pelvic floor {hello panty liners!}

  • acid reflux

  • swollen feet {more like swollen body}

  • back ache

  • pelvic pain

  • carpel tunnel

  • interrupted & uncomfortable sleep

  • fluctuating hormones

  • pregnancy acne {check out our blog on safe treatment during pregnancy!}

  • pregnancy fatigue

  • what is morning sickness...more like all day sickness

There is more, but I'll spare you!

The POINT is, it doesn't always feel like there's a pregnant glow. And if there is, we certainly may not see it. Feeling fresh and energized seems like a distant memory for some of us during pregnancy and I was feeling all kinds of homely towards the end of my pregnancy with our fifth!

This is where maternity boudoir with Dana Laymon Photography comes in!

I mean LOOK at these photos! I wish I could show you a before, how I actually looked when I rolled up to her studio.

That's a lie. I don't wish that.

Let me just let you believe for a hot second that this is all me, lol!

Allow these images to paint the picture of this serene, blissful moment between me and our unborn baby girl. Not the approaching concern of, how will I get this dress off and my aching legs.

This shoot wasn't just about photographing my ever growing belly. The goal wasn't to capture what I was feeling {and where!} in my body, but instead, it was for Dana to forever document what was in my heart. The adoration I already had for the 7th member of the Teel's household before meeting her face to face.

She's that good ya'll. Her passion, style and eye for true beauty absolutely holds this space for you throughout your session, showing the parts of you that are not physically tangible. The professional hair and makeup are the cherry on top.

Treat yourself to a day of getting your hair, make up and photos done by one of Wilmington's most talented. It's not something you will wish you hadn't done.

Not only will a session help you feel beautiful in that moment, but also long term. Capturing those last few weeks before you meet your baby are literally priceless to have.

And during those times when your toddler splashes around in the toilet like it's their very own water table, you can steal away a moment and go back to before it all started.

I am forever thankful to look back and relive that memory each and every time.

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