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Unique Fathers Day Gifts!

matching shirts fathers day

Father's Day is right around the corner and we understand that with a new little baby at home, coming up with fun and unique gift ideas might not come as easy as they used to.

For a lot of you this is your husband or partners first Father's Day and you want it to be extra special. We get that, so, we wanted to share some of our favorite gift ideas with you!

1. We personally think that every father baby duo needs matching shirts publicly displaying your love for Mexican cuisine and most certainly miniature versions of yourself. At Cole & Coddle you can find just that and more! The picture says it all. It's just too cute.

2. Of course you have the nice dinner out where you just can't go wrong. Hit up Bluewater or Rx for a nice relaxing night with good food and a wonderful atmosphere. Make it a signature night and be sure and grab your dessert!

3. Take him charter fishing! It's that time of year again. The weather and ocean is calling his name. If he loves to fish or has always wanted to try it contact Wrightsville Beach's Ocean Stinger.

4. Custom Mash Face Socks- I mean, WHO doesn't want a pair of socks with their baby's face all over them? Gone are the days when you carried their picture in your wallet. Now you can wear their adorable little photo!

5. You can always gift him with the classic dinner and movie night in. Little compares to snuggling up on the couch with him...unless you add in a newborn baby of course.

6. For a simple but relaxing gift say Happy Father's Day with a Tame the Mane gift card. Between the products, their merch and a hot shave, you are not going to go wrong with this thoughtful gift for him.

7. Go for a night on the town for dinner and make it a full evening out of it by attending a show at the Wilson Center. We happen to know of an amazing and brilliantly done show playing June 15th.

8. Perhaps practicality is the direction you go with your gifts and he loves it! With the apple airpods he can experience a higher quality of sound and major convenience if he doesn't own a pair of the airpods.

9. Last but not least we have an idea for you that can be useful AND fun! If you need to grab an aerial view or just want to manage flying the thing, check out DJI Spark Drones. With the variety of features and abilities they have, these drones would make a great out-of-the-box gift!

There you have it! Some fun gifts ideas for the man in your life to feel some of that adoration you have for him!

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