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The 10 Best Wifi Network Names to Date

doulas in north carolina

As Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas we work inside our clients homes' during daytime or through the night.

As experts in newborn care we are there to help the new family process the emotions of what they just experienced, provide the opportunity for solid rest as mom heals from birth, teach through care and unbiased support just what exactly is normal and can be expected during the newborn phase, to name a few. While there we often connect to their Wifi network for different reasons.

Maybe it's to coordinate with the parents on their preferred newborn care app to track any feeding or diaper changes or to stream Netflix while waiting for baby's next middle of the night feeding or the need to soothe before then.

Whatever the reason may be that we connect to a family's network, it's always a funny surprise to come across some of the most creative custom network names! Over the years they have become more creative, always making me laugh!

My friend and colleague, Kelly Rutan {co-owner of Doulas of Raleigh}, and I came up with a Top 10 list of our favorites! Enjoy.

10. It Burns When IP {Something tells me this network name is pretty common}

9. FBI Van

8. Everyday I'm Buffering

7. Keep It On The Download

6. New England Clam Router {This kind of makes me hungry!}

5. Pretty Fly For A Wifi {Anyone else a fan of The Offspring? :D}

4. Drop It Like It's Hotspot

3. Friendly Neighborhood Spider Lan {Love this one!}

2. The Silence Of The Lans {eeek!}

And I believe I've saved the best for last!

1. Winternet Is Coming {Game of Thrones lives on!}

You know you have a sense of humor if you use the time and brain power to give everyone who connects to your internet a chuckle, sparking just another quick moment of joy.

I appreciate that. I love to laugh and I love the little things so I especially love that anyone would turn this little thing into something funny.

I mean if we don't have laughter are we even really living? <3

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