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The ABC's of Infant Sleep-Choices!

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At first mention of sleep training, many parents picture a possibly hungry, definitely lonely baby, screaming and crying in their cold dark room while their parents are sittin' pretty ignoring their helpless little baby.

I've read and heard from others, on multiple occasions, sleep training being compared to solitary confinement. Prison! Come on now.

I have to say though, with the above picture in mind, I don't blame parents for their emotional reaction at the thought of sleep training. That sounds terribly sad!

The general public equates sleep training with crying it out. Well, today's blog in our series The ABC's of Infant Sleep is all about choices!

The choice to sleep train or not.

The choice to sleep shape or not.

The choice to use a wait and check method while listening to your baby's sounds.

The choice to use the 'in room' method and move towards the door a little each day.

The choice to set your baby up for success and watch as they learn their own way.

The choice to keep doing exactly what you're doing.

Whatever your desire, decision and comfort level, with our sleep training you are supported. You are given options. You have the power to make your own choice.

With the support of one of our sleep educators, you will have multiple tools to guide your baby, following their cues and learning how to make adjustments that work best for your whole family, ultimately leading to some of those dreamy zzz's.

Maybe you don't want to actively change anything for the night sleep, but you need a healthier system for your baby for the day because you can sense the angst and unrest from them.

Maybe you want to continue to bedshare, but enhance you and your baby's quality of sleep.

Maybe you feel comfortable with your baby crying a few nights because you know you are teaching them a skill that will benefit not only your baby, but your whole household.

There are options. There are so many options.

You have options because you are taking care of a baby not a clock. Though I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one whose been so sleep deprived they could have unknowingly swaddled a clock!

It's time more parents understood that sleep training is not a dirty word, and they have choices.

Training is defined as "the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behavior."

Synonyms: instruction, preparation, guidance. There doesn't need to be guilt or shame in guiding your baby into healthy sleep and there doesn't need to be feelings of neglect, but rather empowerment. For both you and your little one.

No matter what you decide to do, know that you have support with Wilmington Coastal Doulas and we are always happy to answer your questions to help your transition as parents be as smooth as possible. Send us your questions!

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