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Dressing Baby for Bed Guide {FREE Printable}

Most of our blogs are written based off of the many questions we hear from new parents while we are working closely with them in their home as Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas, as these types of questions come up often. One of the many common topics in question for new parents is whether their baby will be too cold or too warm when being laid down for bed. Understandably so! Those little nuggets had the most comfortable environment in the womb with the coziest temperature and being on the outside there are now more factors for them to adjust to. So it's very helpful to know how they need to be dressed. To help ya'll out, we wanted to share some tips with you to answer this question and ease your mind.

  • It is recommended that your baby's sleep environment should be in the range of 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit with circulating air.

  • A simple way to remember how many layers to put on your baby is this: Whatever you are comfortable in, add one more layer to your baby.

  • So, if you are hanging out in a t-shirt and sweatpants and comfortable, you can have long sleeve pajamas and a swaddle on your little one (if they are still at the age for being swaddled).

  • To get a quick check of your baby's temperature, touch his or her back or belly and verify that they are warm and dry. Think of Goldilocks here, not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

  • How to tell if your baby is chilled: If you feel your baby may be too chilly, touch their belly and if cool to the touch, adjust your thermostat accordingly. If baby is too warm (or sweaty) then you can start by removing one layer at a time.

If you would rather follow a more specific method of ensuring the temperature of your baby will be comfortable for them we've created this FREE PRINTABLE you can download and print!

We hope this serves you well as you are navigating all the new territories with a brand new baby in your home! If you need more of that educational expertise and a solid, compassionate support to help you through some of this new territory, you can always call or email our team and they will get you squared away with some information or a doula, right away. Anything that helps your transitions as new parents go from surviving to thriving! 910-707-4507 or


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