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What To Expect When You're Expecting A Live-In Doula

Whether you’re expecting a baby or your baby is already here, you may have come to the realization that You. Need. Help.

So where do you start? In what area do you or will you need help most?

When families live hundreds of miles away it's nearly impossible to 'do it all'. After a baby is born they are the primary focus, as well as the mother's physical recovery and the family's transition with a new little person that will now be living with them!

Naturally, responsibilities pile up.

  • laundry

  • dishes

  • meals

  • showers

  • sleep (I don't know about you, but I sure do put sleep on my list of responsibilities)

To help your days run smoother you could hire a:

  • housekeeper

  • baby nurse (also known as a night nanny or night nurse)

  • home organizer

  • babysitter for your older children



someone who doesn't just focus on one aspect of your needs, but ALL of them


So you’ve decided you’d like to hire a Postpartum Doula, but you can’t find a qualified person near you. At Wilmington Coastal Doulas, we have doulas who travel to you. Doulas who aren't limited to Eastern North Carolina only, but have the ability to work with you whether you are in Florida, Texas, California and more. Your doula can stay with you for several weeks. However, we understand that the thought of hiring a stranger and allowing them to come into your home to stay for an extended period of time can be overwhelming to say the least.

So, lets put some possible fears at ease.

Your doula understands that this is a time of great vulnerability for you. She knows that you will be tired, physically and maybe mentally as well. She knows you will have questions and she’s skilled at assessing them and helping you navigate through your needs.

Your doula will be discreet. Her time with you isn’t about her. It’s about you and your family. She won’t be posting personal information about you online. She won’t be sharing your experience. What is told to your doula stays with your doula.

Your doula doesn’t want to “change things”. She won’t come in and tell you the best way to “do this or do that". Her job is to listen, observe and help you put systems in place if that is what you desire. She’ll listen to your goals and help you reach them.

Your doula will be flexible. Let’s face it, sometimes a day you planned out has to change suddenly. She will help you make that change to your schedule, too.

Your doula will communicate with you often. This is a huge benefit of having her in your home. She is someone who you can be open to share your needs with. You can have checklists and follow up with her daily, assess your expectations and make any changes necessary.

Your doula is not on vacation. She’s not going to eat all your food and take over the remote control. We promise! She’ll clean up her messes and she’ll clean up yours too. She’ll do your dishes and keep the laundry going. She’s happy to spend time with siblings and help them with homework, read to them, or take them for walks (with the family dog, if that’s needed). She can run errands for you and prepare meals and snacks.

Your doula will get tired and miss her family. That's what her breaks are for! Know that in every situation while your doula is staying with you, you can trust that your doula is making you and your family her priority.

If you have questions about having a live-in postpartum doula come to you, we are always happy to listen and answer your questions. You can easily contact us and you will be responded to right away!

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